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Frågor och svar – UAB Skogran

The salary that your employees got is not according to EU-law that stipulates that a posted worker shall have minimum-wage in the country where he is working. Or as in countries like scandinavia – the minimum salary in the actual collektiv-agreement. 
I have looked deeper in two months april and may last year and found: That your company had 90 employees during april and may (public figures). That 40 0f them was working in Sweden (public figures posting registry Sweden). That your avarage-salary was in april 560 euro and in may it was 650 euro. The highest salary the workers in Sweden could have got is. In april: 7528 SEK this month, or 43,51 SEK per hour. In may 9579 kronor this month or 55,36 SEK per hour. 
Do you have some comment why Skogran pay so far below what is stipulated in EU-law Do you have some comments why Skogran violates the collective agreement, which I have understood Skogran is bound to
As we see the sources of information on which the research seems to be based are not reliable. We inform that in JSC „Skogran” end of April 2017 was 232  and end of May 2017 was 257 working persons. To be more detail – planting season in Sweden we started 7 of April with 29 planters and in May there was 43 planters. We do responsibly and confidently announce that there was and will be assured proper and safe conditions to all the workers, based on certain country legislation in which our services are provided. In Skogran determination of work terms (including salary) is based on Lithuanian Labour Code, and Laws of the Republic of Lithuania, also  specific requirements of exact country in which our worker is working, as well as EU legislation (e.g The European Parliament and the Council directive 96/71/EB) and other factors.
Your provided calculation for the planting forest in Sweden of average salary on our company on April and May 2017 are wrong (possibly because of untrusted information source). In April 2017 average salary in Sweden per person was 1614,30 euro, that is equal to 11,20 eur/h (more than double that You accorded) in May 2017 1805,45 euro or 11,34 eur/h (so, more than 1.8 times bigger that was accorded in Your calculations). Beside the salary, company covers expenses such as travelling, accommodation, provides working gear and ect.
We would like to bold that all the data presented above is registered not only in official documents of our company, but always submitted for competent institutions of Lithuania (Office of the State Social Insurance Fund Board, State Tax Inspectorate) and Sweden (The Swedish Work Environment Authority, FORA AB). In other words: Our company work is based on all the mandatory procedures that are required by certain country in which the worker is working at the certain time. As an on objective we are active in ollaborating and consulting with financial and legal services providing companies as well as governmental authorities in particular country. There never was essential issues or disagreements with employees due to salary or work conditions, simultaneously to announcements from competent governmental institutions in regards of working environment violations.The guarantees of favorable work conditions, opportunities, employee approach are served in our Company, and as a result rotation of individuals working here is minimal. Inter alia – in Sweden Skogran is a member of SLA, The Federation of Swedish Forestry and Agricultural Employers, and is PEFC certified.
In your broschyre Skogran presents a lot of customers in Sweden, Norway and Finland. I have spoked to most of the Swedish customers and they have never hired your firm. Do you have any comments why you use those companies name as your customer in your broschyre?
We assure that all publicly published information by our company and related to our company activities is correct. Any position of our clients and partners (though the denial of collaboration) is regarded and not commented by our company.
In Norway you have to registry in the business-registry and submit an annual report if Skogran is working more than three months in Norway. You do work more than three months. Why have you not registered Skogran in business registry and submit annual report there?
Our company is not a taxpayer in Norway, as a result there is no duty to provide annual financial report.
I have found that Skograns auditors conclusions for 2016 is that Skogran has failed to provide statutory audits of annual financial statements (information updated on 11-02-2017). (In Lithuanian: Auditoriaus išvados už 2016 m. nepateikusios įmonės, kai pagal įstatymus turi būti atliktas metinių finansinių ataskaitų auditas (informacija atnaujinta 2017-11-02).)
How come?  Why do Skogran stil submit an annual report as the company is a small company?
We affirm You that that our company submitted mandatory reports (including statutory audits of annual financial statements) according to Legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania terms and conditions. It is officially verified by State Enterprise Centre of Registers (see a link below).

You can see financial reports are submitted every year including 2016.

Do you have anything that you want to add?
JSC SKOGRAN was established and registered in 11 April 2005. Since then our enterprise successfully grows and expands it’s activities in Lithuania and abroad. As an employer that grants favorable working conditions the company earned  loyal, reliable and trusted name  and reputation as a partner. As we mentioned before rotation of employees per years is minor – there never been and are no controversy in regards of salary size or disburse.Acknowledging our activities in foreign countries our company is active in cooperating and consulting with certain governmental institutions with efforts to maximise the benefits of all procedures and requirements  that are applied in exact country. Until now we never had any remarks and especially debates considering misconceptions due to inappropriate organisation activities in any country.

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