About us
Eastworker is a licensed staffing agency, which provides temporary workers within-
agriculture, horticulture, forestry, fishery, cattle breeding, milking, construction and etc. fields from Latvia to Scandinavia.
Eastworker rents it’s employees to a client, which means we take care about everything, but you just pay a monthly invoice for services received.
Our service allows our customer to take our workers in times and periods only when customers need them,
without any tax responsibilities, as customer should not employ them in own company directly
(no social tax payments from your side as we are carrying out this, no employment related documents )

Company is located in Latvia with the office in Riga
Company registration Nr.40103262157
Company registered name- HRteam Sia (Eastworker is a trade name)
Chairman of the board: Nicolas Albana

Please see the points, which are considered, as benefits of our service:

o   Worker works at you place as a posted worker from Latvia, who is legally employed in Latvia
o   Worker has employment contract with our company
o   Worker has health insurance
o   Worker pays income tax in Latvia

  • We pay social market contribution for worker in Latvia as an employer
  • You as a customer do not pay social contribution tax in Sweden on top of a salary. So that is why you make savings on labor costs.

o   Worker is rented out from 1 up to 6 months a year.
        The period could be longer (that is related to changes in the way how taxes should be paid after worker is in Sweden for more than 6 months a year)
o   Customer is provided with option to exchange the worker for the obvious reason (improper performance, unacceptable behavior etc.)

Below you will find information about pricing and conditions.


1. The price per worker is 89,- SEK/h, if accommodation is provided by client  

2. Overtime rate is 99,- SEK/h, (must be limited to 2 overtime hours per day, for more extra hours customer and worker should make a mutual agreement)

3. Travel costs are included in the price if worker is traveling to customer for a period which is longer than 3 months

           If worker is rented out for 1 or 2 months, client additionally will be charged for travel costs. The copies of traveling tickets will be attached to the invoice.
            No hidden charges and fees.
     4.    The standard hours we hire a worker out is 40 hours per week, but overtime up to 60 hours a week is acceptable.

 References from our customers are available on your request.

Eastworker responsibilities:

  • To provide a Service agreement on worker’s rent
  • Employment of the worker at our company
  • To pay out the salary to worker. Worker is directly employed by Eastworker in Latvia
  • Eastworker is responsible for worker’s (Eastworker employee’s) income and social tax payments in Latvia. Client does not have any tax responsibilities.
  • Client just receives an invoice  based on amount of hours worked/piecework done
  • Invoice is VAT free-0%VAT in accordance with EU regulations on cross-border services within EU (cross-border services in EU are not covered by VAT).

Client’s responsibilities:

  • To set clear worker requirements
  • To report amount of hours worked
  • To provide accommodation
  • Provide clear information about provided accommodation, so Eastworker can inform it’s employees
  • To pay an invoice on time (14 days after invoice issue day)


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