Vladimir Briza, vd vid Drawbridge,  lämnar svar till Stoppafusket. Hans svar är den rödfärgade texten.

Hi Vladimir!

This is Anna-Lena Norberg again. The swedish journalist you have talked to and that has been written to you. I will publish my article very soon (this evening) and will give you the possibility to make comments. I have called you without any answer. I have e-mailed you without any answer. I email you here again. But if you call me it would be better. Anyaway here is my questions.
1. According to your swedish contact Niels Kjeldsen the workers are employed in a Slovakian company that you are part owner in. According to him have you said so. I have now checked in business register for Slovakia and also for the whole of Europe. You do not own any Slovakian company. The information that I have got is that Drawbridge workers are self-employed.  In Drawbridge annual reports it is only five people employed, What is your comment to al this? (I think it is a kind of misunderstanding from Mr. Kjeldsen while discussing my frequent activity and interests in Slovakia.)
2. How come have Drawbridge reported to Arbetsmiljöverket that the posted workers are employed by Drawbridge.. when they for a fact is not.(workers are in Sweden in our name therefore we do reporting)
3. It is just 28 registered in Arbetsmiljöverkets lists (utstationeringsregistret) but you told me that Drawbridge had 70 people working here. (I did not mean we have 70 workers there at the very moment)
4. According to Niels Kjeldsen Drawbridge pay Fora fee (collective agreement insurance plus pension fee) for the workers here in Sweden. Why is my question, as the workers are not employed in Drawbridge. (is there anything wrong we pay FORA? I think that opposite situation would be worse, would not be? Actually the amounts have been quite significant so far)
5. Why did you state when I asked you that the workers are employed by Drawbridge and that the company pays social security and tax in Czech republic for them.  This is not correct. Comments:  (everybody pays social security fees in his home country. If not, the workers could not have been granted A1)
6. You had an foreman that the workers had to pay 1,5 euro per hour to be able to get there money. What is your comments on that? Is this a normal procedure at Drawbridge? (it is not a nice question. That was a failure of the person. He was immediately  sent home, had to return money to colleagues (via bank account!!!). I myself went to Sweden at once in order to resolve the issue and guarantee that everything will be put in order. Similar cases can happen everywhere, even in Sweden).
7. I have gone through the lists at Arbetsmiljöverket. I have gone through all the names of the workers you have reported. Some of the names is english. Is that people living in Czech republic or in Slovakia .. or in UK? (everybody has A1 from the country where he stays in)
8. Is there any thing else you want to state , feel free to do so. (I do not think Drawbridge has done anything wrong and that is something what customers and even workers always appreciated. There are not many foreign companies to pay minimum hourly wages and generally comply with other rules as we have ever done. On the other hand there is well known verdict of European Court  regarding Laval un Partneri Ltd., it is worth to read it)


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