Nearly 650 Euro a month. So much is deducted from the staffing group Atlanco/Rimec employees wages. The sum shall cover, among other things, accommodation, travel and medical insurance. Atlanco/Rimec has also the right to transfer its employees at any time between the group companies. That shows the employment contract from Atlanco/Rimec.

Currently uses NCC Construction Staffing Group Atlanco /Rimec for staffing Hissmofors power plant in Östersund and Filbornaverket in Helsingborg. In total there are over hundred people from Atlanco/Rimec working in Sweden. Most of them are from Poland.

Stoppafusket has seen a great numbers of Atlanco/Rimecs employment contract. They are from different years and from different countries, including Sweden. What they have in common is that 20 Euro is deducted every day for accommodation and electricity, and 2 Euro is deducted every day for travel and medical insurance. Atlanco/Rimec deduct the amount from the employee’s net wages!
In addition, Atlanco/Rimec deduct 650 Euro on the final salary “for the organization of transport in the beginning and end of the mission and other associated costs such as certification, training, etc.”
The contracts state that the 650 Euro will not be deducted if the worker completes his job. But Stopppafusket have spoken with many people from Atlanco/Rimec and they tell that 650 Euro is always deducted from the workers’ wages, whether the workers worked the entire period or not, if they have airplane ticket payed the company or if they have been taking their own cars home.

Pay slips
Stoppafusket has also seen several pay slips. Nowhere are the deductions specified. Instead the deductions are put together: tax, social security contributions, advances and other deductions. So it is impossible to see what’s what. This has the Atlanco/Rimecs employees react on in many different countries. In Finland, the construction of the new Olkiluoto nuclear power plant led to that the workers declared a strike. Similarly, in France on the construction of the nuclear power plant Flamanville. In Sweden, Atlanco/Rimecs workers has in various media questioned the deductions.

At any time
Atlanco/ Rimec has a plethora of companies across Europe. Four are currently registered in Sweden. That it is a very fine line between companies can be seen in the employment contracts. Even if a worker is employed by for example the Irish Atlanco he can be at any time transferred to another Atlanco/Rimec company.
“The company reserves the right to transfer its employees at any time to other Group Companies of which the Company is a member..” it is stated in the employment contracts.

Anna-Lena Norberg
Stoppafusket  has been taking contact with Atlanco/Rimecs swedish lawyer to get a comment from mr Michael O Shea, the owner of Atlanco/Rimec.

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