Atlanco/Rimecs employment contract is a list of violations after violations of the collective agreement. It says a noticeably irritated Torbjörn Johansson, secretary of the Trade union Byggnads.
– The company’s employment contract is a form of slave contract. You must pay a fee if you do not complete your period of employment. It totally sucks!

Atlanco/Rimec deduct 20 Euro per day for accommodation from their employees’ wages. How do you think about that?
– It is contrary to our collective agreement. The general rule is that the worker shall have subsistence if they work outside their place of residence. The employer must pay 330 SEK per day for subsistence. The sum can be reduced by 35 percent if the employer stands for the housing. Atlanco/Rimec does not follow the collective agreement. .

Atlanco/Rimec deduct 650 Euro from the workers’ wages, according to the employment contract if the worker does not fulfill his period of employment. The 650 Euro is to cover up “the organization of transport in the beginning and end of the mission and other associated costs such as certification, training, etc.”
– According to the collective agreement the employer shall pay the travel to work if you have more than two kilometers to your workplace. Atlanco/Rimec has no right to deduct any money for travel. In addition, it binds to the worker at the entire period of employment with a heavy fee. It violates the collective agreement and many other laws. It is a form of slave contract.

According to the employment contract Atlanco/Rimec has the right to at any time transfer its employees to other companies in the group. What do you think about that?
– Without consulting with our lawyers, I feel spontaneously that the legal evasions that Atlanco /Rimec used before are falling. In the latest clash Atlanco/Rimec meant that we sued the wrong company, because the workers were employed in another company. But with such writing the workers will be employed by the whole Atlanco/Rimec group.

If Atlanco/Rimecs workers at Hissmofors power plant and Filbornaverket in Helsingborg do not join the trade union, what do you then have for opportunity to pursue the matter?
– We represent our members and we therefore cannot allow any dumps of the terms of the collective agreement. We will claim for damages. We will now investigate how many workers it concerns, to what extent, etc.  I cannot say how much damages until the investigation is complete, but it will be as much as Atlanco/Rimec has dumped its costs. In the Swedish model it shall not at any way be profitable to violate the collective agreement.

Anna-Lena Norberg
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